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Upon motion, the Petition of Messrs˙ Owen Biddle and Benjamin Rush was again read; and, after some debate, referred to the Committee of Accounts.

Upon motion, Resolved, That a ration for the Pennsylvania Forces shall consist of one pound of Beef, or three-quarters of a pound of Pork, or one pound of Mutton, per man per day; one pound of Flour or Bread per man per day; three pints of Peas or Beans, at six Shillings per bushel, per man per week, or vegetables equivalent thereto; half a pint of Rice, or one pound of Indian Meal, per man per week; one pint of Milk per man per day; one quart of small Beer per man per day, or nine gallons of Molasses for one hundred men per week; one gill of Vinegar per man per week; three pounds of Candles for one hundred men per week, for Guards; twenty-four pounds of soft or eight pounds of hard Soap, for one hundred men per week.

Upon motion, Resolved, That George Ross, Esq˙, of the County of Lancaster, be, and he is hereby, appointed Judge of the Court of Admiralty lately Instituted in this Province, pursuant to the recommendation of the honourable Continental Congress.

Resolved, That the Marshal of the said Court of Admiralty, directed to be appointed by the Committee of Safety, shall receive his commission from the Speaker of this House.

The Committee appointed to inquire who first introduced in this Province the Spinning Machine claimed by Christopher Tully and Joseph Hague, reported, "That, upon examination, they find the said machine was made and used in this Province by both the persons above named nearly at the same time, but unknown to each other; and that the Committee think they are therefore alike deserving of reward from the publick, the machine being really useful, as it despatches business much faster than the common spinning-wheel."

The House adjourned to ten o' clock, to-morrow morning.

Saturday, April 6, 1776.