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Stephen Moylan to John Brown



Cambridge, November 27, 1775.

SIR: His Excellency is surprised that you had not received an answer to your letter of the 3d, which he wrote to you the 8th instant. He then informed you that, as you had made an offer of the powder to the Legislature of the Colony, he would not interfere; that Colonel Gridley had received orders for providing the cannon, &c˙, for the use of this Army. What this gentleman had bespoke and provided, with a large quantity expected from New-York and Canada, his Excellency thinks will be sufficient. In your letter of the 21st you make an offer of one ton of good pistol powder, at six shillings per pound. The General will take it, though it is a most exorbitant price. He is willing to encourage the importation of that necessary article.

By his Excellency' s command:


To John Brown, Esq˙, Providence.

P˙ S. There are two Companies ordered from your quarter to this place. Governour Cooke will inform you when they march. You will please to send the powder under their guard, in a covered wagon. Should they have set out before this reaches you, you must get a few of the minute or militia-men of your Colony to guard it to this place.