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Letter from the New-York Convention to Colonel Hammond



White Plains, July 13, 1776.

SIR: We last evening ordered Colonel Thomas to send you a reinforcement of forty or fifty men, together with one hundred pounds of lead, and two quarter-casks of powder, all of which we hope you have received.

There is no great reason to apprehend that any considerable incursions into the country will be made by parties from the ships in the river; and we are therefore of opinion that it


would not be expedient for great numbers of the Militia to leave their farms at this busy season of the year.

Great attention should be paid to the conduct of the disaffected among us, and care taken to prevent any unusual gatherings of them; and let all such of them be apprehended and secured as may give any aid to the enemy, or threaten to give us any molestation.

Colonel Drake will give the necessary orders for provisions, and we hope the Whigs of this County will distinguish themselves by their zeal and alacrity on this occasion.

We are, sir, your very humble servants.

To Lieutenant-Colonel Hammond.