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Letter from Levi Pawling to New-York Congress



Marbletown, March 15, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: Yours of the 16th ultimo came safe to hand, and, with astonishment, we perused the contents; the more so, as we have been informed that, in cases similar to that of ours, you have been very careful that officers should not be superseded. Permit us, gentlemen, to ask whether the resolve, respecting the filling up of vacancies, cannot bear these three different constructions, viz: virtual, natural, and literal. If either of the two former, then we think we have committed no error in what we have done. If we have, we have done it with no ill design; for we assure you that we have nothing more at heart than the maintaining of peace and good order among us, and that the worthy and deserving should be promoted, and not superseded; the consequence of which is resentment, division, and discord, which we think ought to be prevented, if possible.

We, in obedience to the directions from your honourable body, called the company of the Southwest District together


on the 6th instant, and in a friendly manner advised them to promote the subalterns who had served under their late Captain. The company proceeded, and Mr˙ John Hasbrouck was chosen by a majority of votes. The subalterns thereupon withdrew, and deferred declaring their intention till the 9th instant, when they delivered at our table the enclosed address and declaration, containing a formal resignation, with the reason thereof; which, in compliance with their request, we have the honour of transmitting to your honourable Board. Upon which we called the company together again on the 12th instant, and acquainted them of the vacancies; when they proceeded and chose Jacobus Roosa First Lieutenant, Jacobus Brown Hasbrouck Second Lieutenant, and Joseph Hasbrouck, Jun˙, Ensign; which we expect, together with the above elected Captain, your Honours with commission.

We beg leave to assure you that the Southwest District is in a most unhappy condition, and the only means we can think of at present to assuage the spirit of discord in said District is, to grant the prayers of those who have signed the enclosed petition.

In the mean time we remain, with due respect, your Honours' obedient humble servant.

By order of the Committee:


To the Honourable Provincial Congress of the Province of New-York.