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Suffolk County (New-York) Committee to New-York Congress



At a meeting of the several Committees in the First Regiment in Suffolk County, held at Smithtown, the 24th October, 1775, Mr˙ William Smith appointed Chairman. Present:

From HUNTINGTON: Jesse Brush, Esq˙, Thomas Wickes, Esq˙, Gilbert Potter, Stephen Keley, John Squier, Stephen Ketcham, Timothy Ketcham, Henry Scudder, Thomas Brush, Jun˙, Israel Wood, Ebenezer Platt.

SMITHTOWN: Daniel Tillotson,Thomas Treadwell, Esq˙, Jeffery Smith, Philetus Smith, Daniel Smith, Captain Job Smith, Jacob Mills, Edmund Smith, Jun˙, Epenetus Smith, Samuel Phillips.

Manor of ST˙ GEORGES: Mr˙ William Smith, Jonah Hulse.

MERICHES: Captain Joliah Smith.

BROOKHAVEN: Captain Samuel Thompson, William Brewster, John Woodhull, Daniel Roe, Nathaniel Roe, Noah Hallock, Captain Jonathan Baker, Richard Woodhull, Esq.

At this meeting, a commission of the First Major in this Regiment being offered to Mr˙ Nathan Woodhull, he declined taking the same, offering such reasons as are satisfactory to this Committee. Likewise, a commission of a Second Major in the abovesaid Regiment being offered to Mr˙ Edmund Smith, Jun˙, he declined taking the same, offering reasons satisfactory to this Committee. They then received the thanks of this Committee for their publick spirit in their resignations.

The Committee then proceeded to the nomination of two Majors to fill the above vacancies, which is as follows, viz: Mr˙ Jeffery Smith, for the First Major; Captain Jesse Brush, Second Major.

Signed by order of the Committee:


To Colonel Nathaniel Woodhull, President of the Provincial Congress, New-York.