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Committees in the Several Counties


Sabbath-Day, January 21, 1776.

Present in Council: Honourables William Sever, Walter Spooner, Caleb Cushing, John Winthrop, John Whetcomb, Jedediah Foster, Eldad Taylor, Benjamin Lincoln, Charles Chauncy, Michael Farley, Samuel Holten, Jabez Fisher, Moses Gill, John Taylor, Benjamin White, Esquires.

Mr˙ Story came up with a message from the honourable House, to inform the Board that nothing was likely to come up from the House at this time, and desiring that when the Board adjourned, they would adjourn to four o' clock, this afternoon.

In the House of Representatives: Whereas, this Court, at the request of his Excellency General Washington, have thought it necessary that a temporary reinforcement of the Army should be made with all possible despatch, and to effect the same, have proportioned among the several towns in this Colony such a number of men as they apprehended each town ought to raise upon the present emergency, and have appointed a Committee out of each County to assist in raising the men, and forming them when raised, into companies, which Committee are as follows:

For the County of Suffolk: Mr˙ Gould, Colonel Lovell, and Colonel Mclntosh.

For the County of Essex: Mr˙ Phillips, Mr˙ Jewett, Mr˙ Hopkins, and Major Cross.

For the County of Middlesex: Colonel Spaulding. Mr˙ Brooks, Colonel Perry, Captain Sartle, and Mr˙ Bryant.

For the County of Plymouth: Captain Cushing, Colonel Cushing, and Captain White of Middleborough.

For the County of Barnstalle: Colonel Otis and Colonel Cobb.

For the County of Bristol: Captain Hodges, Mr˙ Starkwether, and Doctor Baylies.

For the County of Worcester: Captain Parker, Mr˙ Fessendcn, Mr˙ Allen, Mr˙ Rice, and Colonel Hill.

For the County of York: Colonel Sawyer, Mr˙ Sullivan, and Major Gooding.

For the County of Cumberland: Mr˙ Fabyan and Captain Cutter.

For the County of Lincoln: Captain Howard and Colonel Jones.

Therefore, Resolved, That the persons aforenamed, for each of the several Counties aforesaid, be, and they hereby are directed to use their utmost endeavours with the Committees of Correspondence and Safety, and the Selectmen of each town, to have the several proportions of men affixed to each town in their several Counties, raised with all possible expedition; and when raised, to form them into Companies of ninety men each, including officers, and as soon as each Company have chosen their several officers, that they cause them to march forthwith to the camp at Cambridge or Roxbury, as his Excellency General Washington shall direct.

In Council: Read, and concurred.

In the House of Representatives: Whereas, it is of very great importance to our brethren, the Inhabitants of Canada, and to the Inhabitants of the United Colonies, especially to the western and northern Counties thereof, that the advantages gained under the smiles of Providence by the American Army, during the year last past, over the Ministerial Forces in Canada should be maintained, and the remainder of them there effectually subdued, as well as the rights and liberties of our brethren in that Colony secured: And whereas, his Excellency General Washington, has applied to each of the Colonies of Connecticut, New-Hampshire, and Massachusetts-Bay, severally, to furnish a Regiment, consisting of seven hundred and twenty-eight men, including officers, to be raised with all possible despatch, on the American establishment, and to serve the United Colonies until the 1st day of January next, if required thereto:

It is, therefore, Resolved, That a Regiment, consisting of seven hundred and twenty-eight men, be raised for the purpose aforesaid, in the Counties of Hampshire and Berkshire, and to be under the command of Elisha Porter, Esquire, as Colonel; Thomas Williams, Esquire, as Lieutenant-Colonel, and Abner Morgan, Esquire, as Major; who have been unanimously chosen by the General Court of this Colony to those offices, respectively; and that the commanding officer of each Company of Militia, in the towns of the said Counties of Hampshire and Berkshire, here after-mentioned, chosen agreeable to the direction of the


Provincial Congress, be, and hereby is directed to cause his Company, without delay, to be mustered; and, that out of the Company or Companies in such town, they cause to be voluntarily inlisted the number of effective men herein affixed to each town, respectively, to serve the United Colonies, on the Continental establishment, and under their Generals, until the 1st day of January next, if the service shall require it; and that each officer and soldier shall be allowed and paid for their service, respectively, the same sum, by the calendar months, as is allowed to other officers and soldiers in the establishment aforesaid; the time of service to be computed from the time of his inlistment, or entering the same, to the time of his discharge, and allowing sufficient time for his return home, that is to say, accounting one day for every twenty miles march; also, one Penny per mile to compensate his expenses on his march to and from the camp, for so many miles as he shall bear his travelling expenses in the march aforesaid; and each non-commissioned officer and soldier shall be allowed a Blanket, or twelve Shillings to pay for the same, if he finds it himself.

And whereas, the season is severe, and the service both important and necessary,

It is further Resolved, As a further encouragement to such non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers as shall appear to inlist for the succour of their brethren in Canada, and for the defence and support of the just cause of America on this occasion, that, in addition to one month' s advance wages to be paid them by his Excellency General Washington, there shall be paid them, also, out of the publick Treasury of this Colony, one other month' s advance wages upon their passing muster, by a Mustermaster to be appointed by his Excellency, in full confidence that the justice of the Congress will order the same to be reimbursed; and the Treasurer is hereby ordered to pay the sum of thirteen hundred and ninety-eight Pounds eight Shillings, to Colonel Porter for that purpose, he to be accountable to this Court for the same. And the Selectmen and Committees of Correspondence and Safety of each of said towns, are requested, without fail, to afford their immediate assistance fully to effect this business with the utmost despatch, as they regard their country' s and their own safety and welfare.

And it is further Resolved, That the Captains, Subalterns, and non-Commisioned Officers of the several Companies, shall be chosen by the Companies, respectively, from those inlisted, or others, and commissioned by the Council, and that the Committee appointed by this Court, in conjunction with the Field-Officers aforesaid, distribute the men inlisted as aforesaid into Companies.

The Form of the Inlislment.

We, the subscribers, do hereby severally inlist ourselves into the service of the United American Colonies, until the 1st day of January next, if the said service should require it. And each of us do engage to furnish and carry with us into the service aforesaid a good effective fire-arm and blanket, also, a good bayonet, cartridge-pouch, and a hatchet or tomahawk, or cutting sword, if possible; and we severally consent to be formed by such person, or persons, as the General Court shall appoint into a Company of ninety men, including one Captain, two Lieutenants, one Ensign, four Sergeants, four Corporals, one Drum, and one Fife, to be elected by the Company, and commissionated by the Council, and, when formed, we engage to march to Canada with the utmost expedition, and to be under such Field-Officers as the General Court have appointed, or shall appoint; and we further agree, during the time aforesaid, to be subject to such Generals, or superior officers, as are or shall be appointed, and to be under such regulations in every respect, as are provided for the aforesaid.

Dated this ˙ ˙ ˙ of ˙ ˙ ˙ A˙ D˙ 1716.


County of Berkshire.

Sheffield, — 24
Sandisfield, — 11
New-Marlborough, — 16
Egremont, — 11
Great-Barrington, — 15
Alford, — 7
Tyringham, — 13
Stockbridge, — 12
West-Stockbridge, — 7
Hopeland and Glassworks, — 9
Pittsfield, — 21
Hartwood, — 8
Lanesborough, — 19
Partridgefield, — 8
Gageborough, — 8
Jericho, — 8
New-Providence, — 10


Richmond, — 13
Lenox, — 13
Becket, — 9
Williamston, — 14
East-Hoosick, — 9
Louden, — 5

County of Hampshire.

Springfield, — 19
Wilbraham, — 11
West-Springfield, — 21
North-Hampton, — 23
South-Hampton, — 9
Westfield, — 18
Southwick, — 9
Hadley, — 10
South-Hadley, — 9
Amherst, — 14
Granby, — 7
Hatfield, — 10
Whately, — 6
Williamsburgh, — 7
Deerfield, — 13
Greenfield, — 11
Shelburne, — 10
Conway, — 12
Sunderland, — 7
Montague, — 9
Northfield, — 10
Brimfield, — 13
South-Brimfield, — 10
Mensen, — 8
Pelham, — 12
Greenwich, — 9
Blanford, — 10
Leverett, — 5
Palmer, — 11
Granville, — 13
New-Salem, — 12
Belchertown, — 12
Colerain, — 10
Ware, — 7
Warwick, — 6
Bernardston, — 9
Murrayfield, — 6
Charlemont, — 7
Ashfield, — 8
Worthington, — 8
Shutesbury, — 9
Ludlow, — 5
Norwich, — 4
Chesterfield, — 12

In Council: Read, and concurred.

Adjourned to ten o' clock, to-morrow morning.