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July 23



In Council, July 23, 1776.

Whereas Edward Mitchell, Theophilus Cushing, and William Drew, Esqs˙, were appointed a Committee to provide fifteen hundred Canteens, and two hundred and fifty Camp Kettles, and Camp Equipage, for the last fifteen hundred men to be raised agreeable to a late Resolve of the Continental Congress, and were directed by a Resolve of the General Court, of the 12th of this instant, to send them forward to the several places and in like proportions with those by a Resolve of the said Court ordered for the other forces destined to the same place, which, if complied with, will be very inconvenient, and retard the business: Therefore,

Resolved, That the said Committee be, and they hereby are, directed to provide and send forward the aforesaid articles forthwith to Charlestown, in the Government of New Hampshire, to the care of Samuel Hunt and — Church, Esqs˙, or either of them, by them to be delivered, one half to Colonel Samuel Brewer, or his order, and the other half to Colonel Aaron Willard, or his order, for the use of their regiments; and this order to be printed in the several Newspapers in this State without delay.

A true copy.

Attest: JOHN AVERY, Dep˙ Sec.