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Letter from Robert Yates, Chairman of the Secret Committee, August 14


"Poughkeepsie, August 14, 1776.

"SIR: We find it necessary to direct Captain Benson to endeavour to purchase at New-York a number of articles for the armed vessels now fitting out here, which we cannot procure at this place, and beg that all possible assistance may be given him. As the Convention now sit at Harlem, and the moneys advanced to us will not be more than adequate to the expenses already incurred, we do not think it advisable to give Captain Benson any money to carry with him, but request the favour of your honourable House to supply him with as much money as may be necessary for the purpose above mentioned. As we may be shortly under the necessity of requesting further supplies, we hope care has been taken to put the treasury in such a condition as that no delays in a matter so important may be occasioned.

"We have applied to General Washington for an order on John B˙ Livingston for as much powder as may be necessary for both vessels, and we think it would not be improper that the General should be properly informed of the state of your Magazines, and thereby be led to perceive the propriety of our applying for Continental powder.

"We are your most humble servants.

"By order of the Committee:

"ROBT˙ YATES, Chairman."

Ordered, That the said Letters be referred to Mr˙ Duer and Colonel De Witt.