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Extracts of the Votes and Proceedings of a General Convention


Meeting opened at time and place.

Proceeded to the consideration of the following Association, viz:

This Convention being fully sensible that it is the will and pleasure of the honourable Continental Congress that every honest friend to the liberties of America, in the several United States thereof, should subscribe an Association, binding themselves, as members of some body or community, to stand in the defence of those liberties; and whereas it has been the usual custom of individuals to associate with the Colony or State which they are reputed to be members of: Yet, nevertheless, the long and spirited conflict which has for many years subsisted between the Colony or State of New York and the inhabitants of that district of land commonly called and known by the name of New Hampshire Grants, relative to the title of the land on said district,


renders it inconvenient in many respects to associate with that Colony, which has hitherto been the sole reason of our not subscribing an Association before this.

The better, therefore, to convince the publick of our readiness to join in the common defence of the aforesaid liberties, we do publish and subscribe the following Association, viz:

"We, the subscribers, inhabitants of that district of lands commonly called and known by the name of the New Hampshire Grants, do voluntarily and solemnly engage, under all the ties held sacred among mankind, at the risk of our lives and fortunes, to defend by arms the United American Colonies against the hostile attempts of the British fleets and armies until the present unhappy controversy between the two countries shall be settled."

The foregoing Association being approved, is accordingly signed by fifty of the members of this Convention; and voted, that each inhabited Town on the New Hampshire Grants be served with a copy thereof, and that it be, and is hereby, recommended to each of said inhabitants who are friends to their country, that they severally subscribe the same as soon as may be, and make return by the Delegate or Delegates which they are hereby directed to appoint to join this Convention at their next sitting at Dorset, the 25th day of September next, at eight o' clock forenoon, to which time and place this Convention stands adjourned.

JONAS FAY, Clerk of said Convention.