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Petition of Thomas Livermore


Petition of Thomas Livermore, Sergeant of the Sixty-Third Regiment, setting forth, "that he, with seven soldiers and nine sailors, being prisoners, and confined in jail in Ipswich, would acquaint your Honours, that five of our number have been very sick, one of which men remains very ill, and has nothing to cover him in this inclement season but the clothes which he has now on his back, and these have remained on for three months. We are all in a bad situation for clothing, and our necessity obliges us to petition your Honours to grant us such relief as your Honours shall think proper; and, as in duty bound, shall ever pray."

In the House of Representatives: Resolved, That the Selectmen of the Town of Ipswich be, and they hereby are required and empowered, as soon as may be, to furnish each of the seven Soldiers mentioned in said petition, with two Shirts, one Blanket, and a Cap; that they furnish each of the nine Sailors in said jail, with one Coat, Jacket, and a pair of Breeches, two Shirts, two pair of Stockings, a pair of Shoes, one Cap, and one Blanket; and that the said Selectmen provide light Sacks, for the said sixteen prisoners, and lay an account of their expenses before this Court for allowance and payment.

In Council: Read, and concurred.

Adjourned to nine o' clock, to-morrow morning.