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Memorial Norwich


Upon the Report of the Committee appointed to confer on the differing Votes of the Houses on the Memorial of the Committee of Inspection of the Town of Norwich, concerning the Brig Nancy and her Cargo, brought into Norwich in July last, reporting to this Assembly that the said brig and cargo were the property of one Joshua Winslow, late of Boston, deceased; that the said Joshua was, at the time of his death, a person reputed to be an enemy to this country; that the property of said brig and cargo, on the death of said Joshua, vested in his widow and children, as heirs at law; that the said widow, Hannah Winslow, also has the character of an enemy to this country; that the said brig came into Stonington about the beginning of July last, when she was secured by order of some gentlemen in Norwich, who sent Captain Robert Niles, and he took some


others with him, and brought her to Norwich, to prevent her falling into the hands of the enemy then in Boston; that Captain Niles was not then in the service of this Colony; that said brig was laid up in Norwich, and her cargo secured there on the 18th day of July last by the Committee of Correspondence and Inspection in Norwich, where the same are still kept; that Messrs˙ Israel Dodge and Company, of Salem, having a considerable demand on the estate of said deceased, brought their action for the same in the County Court of New-London, against the administrators of said estate, and served their writ by leaving copies thereof with the persons who have said molasses in possession, and said suit is yet depending in the law, and the administrators are supposed to be gone with the enemy from Boston to Halifax; that said brig is lying at the wharf, and cannot be kept out of a perishing condition, and that the molasses is an article greatly wanted by the inhabitants in this Colony, and is in a perishing condition.

Which Report being accepted and approved as on file.

Resolved by his Assembly, That the Committee of Inspection of the Town of Norwich be, and they are hereby, authorized and empowered, by themselves or such person or persons as they shall appoint, to sell and dispose of the said Brig Nancy and her Appurtenances and Cargo, at the just value thereof, to the best advantage; said Molasses to be sold to householders, or such persons as will dispose thereof to householders, at a reasonable price. Said Committee of Inspection to render an account of sales of said Brig and Appurtenances and Cargo to this Assembly, and deposite the avails thereof in the Colony Treasury, there to be kept, ready to be responded so much thereof to said Dodge and Company as they shall recover for debt and costs on their demand aforesaid, and the remainder to such persons as shall show to this Assembly their just claim or title to the same.