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Directions for a Military Night Watch in the City of New-York


Directions for a Military Watch in the City of NEW-YORK.

First. That a guard be mounted every evening at eight o' clock, at the City-Hall, consisting of not less than forty men properly officered.

Second. That detachments be made from the said guard to patrole the streets every two hours, under the command of a non-commissioned officer, accompanied by a constable or other civil officer, who may be directed by a Magistrate to attend from nine o' clock in the evening until five o' clock in the morning.

Third. That they pay particular attention that no Provisions be exported from this City; and if any persons are discovered exporting Provisions contrary to the Resolves of this Committee, to take particular notice of them, and endeavour, by persuasion and other peaceable methods, to prevent it, and that they make a report thereof.

Fourth. That the patroles do not challenge persons, boats, &c˙, but watch their motions, if suspected, and by all means endeavour to prevent outrage on person or property, and report the perpetrators.


Fifth. That no unnecessary and wanton alarm be given to our fellow-citizens, either by firing of guns, beating of drums, or otherwise, in the night, but that all then operations be conducted with that manly prudence and discretion becoming citizens zealous to support their freedom without tumult and disorder.

Sixth. That the commanding officer of the guard dismiss his guard at five o' clock in the morning, and report in writing by ten o' clock, to the Chairman, Deputy, or Chairman pro tempore, all extraordinary occurrences which may have, happened during the time of his being on duty, signed by himself.