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Intelligence Brought from Oswego by Lieutenant McMichael


The Intelligence of Lieutenant McMichael was read, and is as follows:

Intelligence brought from OSWEGO by Lieut˙ MCMICHAEL.

"Was informed at Oswego that three Regiments of Ministerial troops had arrived at Oswego Lake, at which place they were joined by a number of Tories and Indians, under the command of Colonel Johnson, and was to embark immediately on board two armed vessels, batteaus, and canoes, and proceed to Oswego, at which place they were to be joined by Colonel Butler, with all the Indians under his command, and likewise by Colonel Caldwell, with what Regulars could be spared from Niagara. They intend repairing Oswego fort as quick as possible, in order that they might hold a treaty with the Indians, and be able to defend themselves against any attack; immediately after the treaty, they are to march with all their forces against Fort Stanwix and the German Flatts, at the latter of which places they intend to fortify at Johnstown, and to secure all the provisions they can. Was likewise informed that the main army, under the command of General Burgoyne, was marching to Crown-Point and Ticonderoga to besiege those places. Was further informed that an Indian man, named Thomas Davis, was sent from Niagara by Colonel Butler (as a spy) to the German Flatts, and he is to inform said Butler of the particulars that pass at the German Flatts during the treaty. This intelligence came from a person that resides at Oswego that was a Sergeant in the Regulars last war, and likewise from a party of Indians which I conversed with, that had left Colonel Johnston four days before, and had come as spies.