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William Allibone' s Report on Flint Quarries




Tuesday, July 16, 1776. — Left Philadelphia; arrived at Wright' s Park.

Wednesday, July 17. — In search of flint stone near the Delaware, in Upper Makefield, Bucks County, on the plantation of John Knowls, in a gully made by former inundations of the Delaware, I find the black flint stone, but not in an entire bed, as I supposed, but mixed with other stone and sand, the best of which, that had lain near the surface, carried away for domestic use; but find the low lands near the river, for two or three miles, (which is, in general, stony,) to be mixed with the same kind of black flint stone, but nowhere in separate quantities. I went as far up as Pitcock' s Creek, in the lower part of Salisbury township.

Thursday, July 18. — Like for rain. Made what inquiries I could in the neighbourhood.

Friday, July 19. — At John Lacey' s, in the lower part of Buckingham township, about three miles from Wright' s Town Meeting house, from former digging in a bank, find the earth and other stone mixed with black and bluish flint, as per samples. The same day find the white and the gray, as per sample. In a ridge of land about three-quarters of a mile, on the Bristol road, from a place known by the name of the Four Lane Ends, great quantity of the white, and a little gray. Find one single small piece of yellow flint, which I think much superior to any other in this County, and has been much used formerly by the natives to head their arrows, the heads being frequently found in the fields to this day; also some black and white ones. I have no doubt but some quantity of the yellow lies in the neighbourhood of the Delaware; but cannot as yet discover where, and hope some more successful hand has been employed.

Saturday, July 20. — Find the dark flint in scattered stones on land of Mr˙ Denormandie, Bristol road, eighteen miles from Philadelphia; and, fifteen miles from Philadelphia, on the post road, great quantities of the white; and, at sides of Perryfork Creek, one hundred and seven miles from Philadelphia, considerable quantities of light gray flint mixed with other stone.

A sample.