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Joseph Burrell, Isaac Oidney, and Thomas Hains


Ordered, That the said Josiah Burrell, Thomas Hains, and Isaac Gidney, be brought down to this Committee for examination.

Josiah Burrell: Says he lives on Rye-Neck; that he knows William Lownsbury. Being asked, who was with him when he spiked up the guns, answered, that he does not know who was with him; that he knows nothing about spiking up the guns. On Wednesday, the 17th ultimo, in the night, William Lownsbury, Joshua Gidney, Thomas Hains, James Hains, Jun˙, William Hains, and himself, were at John Gidney' s; that he did not carry any sledge or sledges; does not know whether any were carried; does not know who spiked up the guns. Being asked, if the company had any sledges, answered, that it could not be worth while to carry sledges.

Isaac Gidney: Says he lives on Rye-Neck; is a smith; never worked up any files for William Lownsbury; does not know of any person who did work them; that William Lownsbury and Josiah Burrell employed him to make hatchel-teeth; that he made them of steel; that he made about two hundred; made them of bar-steel; that he did part of tfie work in the day and part in the evening; that he worked only one evening; that Joseph Purdy assisted him that evening; that he had not any intimation from Lownsbury what those hatchel-teeth were for, or that they were for spiking the cannon. That he never delivered them in a bag; that he never declared to any person that they were in a bag; that Joshua Gidney came to his shop and took the bag; that after the hatchel-teeth were made, he had a mistrust what they were for; that Lownsbury asked him to work files to make hatchet-teeth; that he told them they were unhandy to work; that this was before Lownsbury brought him the steel; that he made about two hundred spikes; that he did not think they looked like hatchel-teeth, but that Lownsbury gave him a sample to make them by; that he never saw any hatchel-teeth so large; that people call him a Tory; that no other person, to his remembrance, was present when Joshua Gidney took the bag; that Joshua Gidney took the bag; that he is uncertain, but thinks he asked for Lownsbury' s bag; that he, this examinant, answered it was there, he could take it; that Joseph Purdy assisted to make them.

Thomas Hains: That he lives at Rye-Neck; is a son of James Hams; that he did not go with William Lownsbury and others to spike up the guns; was not with them at John Gidney' s; that he knows nothing about the matter; never was at the cannon.

Josiah Burrell being again examined, says, he never saw any cannon spiked, and does not know who spiked them; after some time, acknowledged that he did meet with William Lownsbury, Joshua Gidney, Thomas Hains, Isaac Hains, Jun˙, and William Hains, at Joshua Gidney' s; that they came as far as Valentine' s, and in return, some of their party went to the guns; that he did employ Isaac Gidney to make hatchel-teeth, very large; that he had about sixty made; that he afterwards threw them away, and does not know where they are. Being frequently asked, acknowledged that their party did set out with a design to spike up the guns; that he came to New-York when the vessel laid up in the North-River; that he went on board of a vessel there; that a person there spoke to


him about spiking the guns; that he does not know the man; that he went on board of a sloop to see Hains; that he went on board of the Governours ship, to deliver a letter for Avery, the Minister at Rye; that James Hains told that he afterwards went on board of the said sloop, and heard the same matter about spiking the guns spoke of by some person.

Thomas Hains called in, and confronted with Josiah Burrell. Thomas Hains says he knows Josiah Burrell. Josiah Burrell says he is the Thomas Hains who went with them to the guns, and was along with them.

Josiah Burrell says he never was promised any reward for spiking the guns; that he has signed the Association, soon after its first appearance for that purpose; that he does not know who got the spikes; they all assisted to carry them; that he does not know who got the sledge; that he never saw the guns spiked, and does not know who did it; that there were six of the party, and does not know which of them spiked them; that, after going from Valentine' s, he threw the hatchel-teeth which he got made into Bronx River.

Thomas Hains called in again and examined, acknowledges that he was at Joshua Gidney' s, in the evening, about a month ago; that James Hains came in there; that they said they were going to take a walk; asked him to go, and did not know what they were going about; that they walked twelve miles from where they set out, and so far back; that he came to Gidney' s about evening; that William Lownsbury, Joshua Gidney, Josiah Burrell, William Hains, and James Hains, were with him; that he does not know who spiked up the guns; that they had caps on; that he had a Dutch Kilmarnock cap on; wore it to keep his head warm; did not know that his party spiked up the guns.

Ordered, That the prisoners, Josiah Burrell, Thomas Hains and Isaac Gidney, be remanded prisoners to the Barracks, and kept in safe and secure custody; and

Ordered, That the said Josiah Burrell and Thomas Hains be severally manacled and shackled, hands and feet, and srtictly guarded until the further order of this Commitee; and, in the interim, that no person be suffered to speak to them, or either of them, or to the said Isaac Gidney, but in the presence and hearing of the officer of the guard, and that no letter or paper writings be permitted to pass between either of the said prisoners and any other person, or persons, whomsoever, and that each of them be denied the use of pen, ink and paper.

Ordered, That Colonel McDougall see that this, order, be duly executed.