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Affidavit of Patience Law


Swanzey, August 18, 1775.

I, Patience Law, of Swanzey, in the County of Bristol, &c˙, being of lawful age, testifieth and saith, that on Wednesday following the battle at Bunker' s Hill, Colonel Jerathmeel Bowers asked Mary Slead if her husband was gone to the Congress; she answered him yes. He asked her if Philip Slead had heard any news that made him go; he said it is best for the Town to lay still, for there was an army there, and let them fight it out. And I have known him to use tea since the restrictions of the Continental Congress.


BRISTOL, ss˙, SWANZEY, Aug˙ 18, 1775:

Patience Law, above-named, appeared, and being cautioned to testify the truth, made solemn oath to the truth of the above deposition by her subscribed. Before me:

EDW˙ LUTHER, Town-Clerk of Swanzey.