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Permission to Benjamin Lindsay


Ordered, That the Brass Field-Pieces last cast by James Byers be delivered to Captain Anthony Rutgers, for the use of the Artillery Company under his command, and that he get good Carriages and other necessaries, for the said two Field-Pieces, with all possible despatch.

The application of Captain Benjamin Lindsay, of Providence, was read. He therein sets forth, that in the month of August last, he delivered to this Congress a Letter from the Committee of Safety of the Town of Providence, signed by Deputy-Governour Cooke and others, requesting to load his (the said Lindsay' s) Sloop, and Captain Whitney' s Sloop; that Provisions were purchased for both cargoes, and but only one (to wit: the cargo of Lindsay' s Sloop) shipped; and that the other cargo now lies in store, which he prays leave to lade and take to Providence.

Ordered, That Benjamin Lindsay be allowed to lade the said Provisions on board, for Providence, upon condition that the said Benjamin Lindsay do deliver a manifest of the said Provisions to the Secretary of this Congress, and, within three months, return to the said Secretary a certificate from the Chairman of the Committee at Providence, that the said Provisions were reported to and under the direction of the said Committee — the danger of the seas and seizures excepted; and if the said Benjamin Lindsay does not comply with the condition aforesaid, that then he shall be deemed guilty of an infringement of the resolution of this Congress, and an enemy to this Country.