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Ordinance for raising additional Forces, read third time and passed, Hugh Mercer elected Colonel of the Third Regiment,


Thursday, January 11, 1776.

An Ordinance for raising an additional number of Forces


for the defence and protection of this Colony, and for amending an Ordinance, entitled An Ordinance for raising and embodying a sufficient Force for the defence and protection of this Colony, which had been fairly transcribed, was read a third time.

Resolved, That the said Ordinance do pass; and that the title be, "An Ordinance for raising an additional number of Forces for the defence of this Colony, and for other purposes therein mentioned."

Mr˙ Digges, from the Committee to whom the Petition of sundry Inhabitants of the County of Caroline was referred, reported, that the Committee had, according to order, had under their consideration the said Petition, and that it appeared that the Committee of the said County did not, previous to their election in November last, appoint any persons to superintend the said election, in order to determine the right of any person to vote who should offer a list, although the Chairman, and several of the members, were present at the said election. And that they had come to the following Resolution thereupon; which he read in his place, and afterwards delivered in at the Clerk' s table, where the same was again twice read, and agreed to:

Resolved, That the election of Committee-men for the said County of Caroline, was illegal, and that a new Committee be chosen for the said County.

The Convention then proceeded, by ballot, to the appointment of a Colonel to the Third Regiment; and the members having prepared tickets, with the name of the person to be appointed, and put the same into the ballot box, Mr˙ Digges, Mr˙ Carrington, Mr˙ John Walker, and Mr˙ Dandridge, were appointed a Committee to examine the same, and report on whom the majority fell; and it appearing, from their Report, that there was a majority of the whole Convention in favour of Hugh Mercer, Esq˙,

Resolved, therefore, That the said Hugh Mercer be appointed Colonel to the Third Regiment.

The Orders of the Day — for the Convention to resolve itself into a Committee on the state of the Colony, and on the Ordinances for continuing and amending an Ordinance appointing a Committee of Safety; for establishing a General Test; to amend an Ordinance, entitled An Ordinance for regulating the election of Delegates, and ascertaining their allowances, and also for regulating the election of Committee-men in the several Counties and Corporations within this Colony, and for other purposes therein mentioned; and for establishing a mode of making Tobacco Payments during the discontinuance of the Inspection Law; — being read,

Ordered, That the same be put off till to-morrow.

The Convention took into consideration that part of the Report made on Friday last, from the Committee to whom it was referred to inquire whether the Salt, or other Goods lately taken at Hampton, were imported agreeably to the terms of the Continental Association, which related to the Brig Carlett, and Goods imported in her, and came to the following Resolution thereupon:

Resolved, That the said Brig Carlett be delivered to the owners, and that the Goods imported in her be sold for the use of this Colony, and the money paid into the hands of the Treasurer.

Ordered, That the Treasurer do pay to Mr˙ Sampson Matthews the Account of the Augusta and Botetourt Brigade, he entering into bond, with sufficient security, for paying the same to the persons entitled thereto.

Adjourned till to-morrow, half after ten o' clock.