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Orders to Colonel Moultrie



In Council of Safety of South-Carolina,
Charlestown, September 13, 1775.

SIR: You are to detach one hundred and fifty men, under such command as you shall judge most proper for the service, to embark this night at a proper time of the tide, to proceed with the utmost secrecy, and land at a convenient place on James' s Island. Mr˙ Verree and Mr˙ Wm˙ Gibbs will be at Captain Stone' s, or in the neighbourhood, attending the landing, in order to conduct the commanding officer


to Fort Johnson, which he is to enter and take possession of with as much secrecy and silence as possible, taking especial care that none belonging to the Fort escape, and that no intelligence be given but by his orders. When the officer who shall be sent upon this service is in possession of the Fort, he is immediately to give notice to this Board, and wait for orders; except only in case the man-of-war, now lying in the Rebellion Road, should make an attempt to attack the Fort, or proceed against this Town, when he is to do every thing in his power to prevent her progress. Captain Stone, of James' s Island, will order his Company of Militia to join the Troops which you send, and the whole are to be detained till relieved by our order.

By order of the Council of Safety:


William Moultrie, Esq˙, Colonel of the Second Regiment.