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Letter from General Schuyler to General Gates



German Flats, Friday, July 19, 1776.

DEAR SIR: I have this moment received the enclosed, from General Washington, with an order to forward it to General Burgoyne. You will please to appoint an officer to carry it to him, after having sealed it.

The Indians come on so tardily, that I am afraid of being detained much longer than I expected. A scout just now returned from Oswego advises that all is well there, and no signs of an enemy approaching.

The Honourable President Hancock informs me that Colonel Greaton, and he believes some other Colonels, before they left Boston, took some French horns, bassoons, and other instruments of musick, which he had imported for the use of a corps under his command, and requested that I would order Colonel Greaton, and such others in whose possession they may be, to deliver them to me, to be sent to Philadelphia. Will you be so good, my dear sir, as to order one of your Aids-de-Camp to make inquiry, and to cause the instruments to be collected, safely packed up, and sent directly to me at Albany.

I am, dear sir, most sincerely, your most obedient humble servant,

To the Hon˙ General Gates.