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Col. Hale returned without Powder or Small-Arms


Thursday, June 8,1775.

Met according to adjournment.

Voted, An Address to the inhabitants of this Colony be sent to the press, respecting lenity by creditors to their debtors, &c.

Colonel Hale returned, got no Powder or Small-Arms, but gives us great encouragement that we shall have some soon from, the Southern Colonies; and that Powder is made at Philadelphia in such quantities, that two hundred barrels is made in a day; and that Provisions are plenty and cheap in Connecticut, and that quantities are now transporting to Cambridge.

Adjourned till three o' clock.

Met according to adjournment.

Voted, That Captain Page and Colonel Stark, from Dunbarton, have a hearing before this Convention the second day of sitting, after adjournment for any time longer than from Saturday to Monday.

Voted, That the sum of Fifty Pounds be paid by the Treasurer of this Colony to any inhabitant of said Colony who shall manufacture the largest quantity of Saltpetre, not less than one hundred weight, within one year from this


date: also the sum of six pence per pound for every pound above ten pound (excepting that person who receives the bounty of fifty Pounds) manufactured by any person within said Colony, in the said year, and that the Committee of Supplies be directed and empowered to examine any quantity offered, and to draw on the Treasurer agreeable to this Resolve, or some other Committee who shall be particularly empowered for this purpose.

Whereas a number of the Towns of this Colony have not yet paid into the hands of George Jeffrey, Esq˙, their Province Tax:

Resolved, That the Constables and Collectors of said Towns be and hereby are directed to pay said money into the hands of Colonel Nicholas Gilman, Receiver-General for the Colony of New-Hampshire, who is authorized to receive give receipts for the same.

Voted, That Deacon Samuel Books be Postmaster for this Town.

Adjourned till eight o' clock to-morrow.