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Memorial of Andrew Bestwick


To the Honourable the Representatives of the State of NEW-YORK, in Convention assembled:

The Memorial of ANDREW BOSTWICK, an Insolvent Debtor now confined in the Jail of the County of ORANGE, humbly showeth:

That your memorialist having been confined near nineteen months, notwithstanding all his efforts to accomplish a settlement with his creditors, is, by the prevailing calamity of the times, cut off from all hopes of obtaining his liberty, and thereby unfortunately deprived of every opportunity of serving his creditors, his family, or his country, (which at this particular period claims the utmost exertion of every individual member of society,) unless enabled by the timely interposition of this honourable body; that your memorialist, from his present confinement, has it not in his power to mend his circumstances, but they must of necessity be daily growing worse; is therefore anxiously desirous something may be done that may have a tendency to better them. Your memorialist therefore most humbly begs leave to recommend his case to this honourable Convention, praying them to grant such speedy relief as the nature and necessity of the case require. And your memorialist, as in duty bound, shall ever pray, &c.