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General Washington to General Lincoln



Head-Quarters, Bucks County, 18th December, 1776.

DEAR SIR: By a letter which I had this day the pleasure of receiving from the President of the Council of Massachusetts-Boy, I find that that State had, immediately upon my application, ordered a reinforcement of about six thousand Militia to the Continental Army, and that they had appointed you to the command. Give me leave, sir, to assure you that this appointment gives me the highest satisfaction, as the proofs you exhibited of your zeal for the service in the preceding part of this campaign, convinces me that the command could not have devolved upon a more deserving officer. If the particular circumstances of the Eastern Governments (who are threatened with an invasion themselves) should permit yonr proceeding on, you will join General Heath at Peekskill, with all expedition. I have given him directions how to dispose of your men, which is, to endeavour if possible to cover and afford protection to the upper parts of the Jerseys, and to the Province of New-York below the Highlands. But I have desired him to consult and cooperate with you in the steps necessary to carry this or any other plan into execution.

I am, dear sir, &c˙,


To Major-General Lincoln, Massachusetts Militia.