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Letter to the Committee of Westchester County, requesting to use all means for the discovery of counterfeiters of the Provincial Money lately emitted


Colonel Gilbert Drake, one of the Members of Westchester County, brought to the Committee of Safety a Bill of the money emitted by the late Provincial Congress, which is erased and altered; having been issued of the value of five Dollars, it has been attempted to be changed to a Bill of the value of ten Dollars, and the names.

SIR: This Committee having received information that some of the bills of the late emission of money struck by the Congress for the publick service have been counterfeited, and are now passing in your County, you are requested forthwith to call the General Committee of the County together, and take every step in your power to discover the counterfeiter or counterfeiters, and those who have passed the said bills, knowing them to be counterfeit. For this purpose you are to order the persons accused to be brought before you, and to examine en oath the witnesses for and against the accused, and transmit the whole of your proceedings to this Committee, or to the Congress if they are sitting, that they may make further order therein.

If upon the evidence that may be offered, your Committee shall be of opinion that any of the persons accused are guilty, in that case you are forthwith to order them into close custody; and if, upon the whole of the evidence, it should appear to you doubtful whether they are guilty, in that case you are to take good security that the prisoner or prisoners do appear before the Congress at such time and place as they may appoint. But, if after hearing the whole of the evidence, you should be of opinion that the accused are not guilty, you are to discharge them.

We are, &c.

To Thomas Thomas, Esquire, Chairman of the Committee of Westchester County.

Ordered, That a copy of the said Letter be engrossed and signed by the Chairman, and transmitted.