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Commissioners Appointed


Monday, March 4, 1776.

The Council met according to adjournment.

Whereas, by sundry Resolutions of the Continental Congress, the Provincial Council is authorized to permit exportation from this Province, under certain restrictions, in order to procure in return Salt, Arms, and Ammunition. And whereas, persons willing to adventure, may, from the difficulty of making application, lose the opportunity of so doing:

Resolved, That Archibald Maclaine, Richard Quince, Sen˙, and Henry Toomer, for the District of Wilmington; James Davis, Alexander Gasfon, and Christopher Neale, for the District of Newbern; and John Smith, Andrew Lytle, and Samuel Dickinson, for the District of Edenton, be appointed Commissioners to carry the said Resolution into execution in their respective Districts, under the Rules, Regulations, and Instructions, formed and laid down by this Council.

Instructions for the Commissioners, viz:

That no Pork, Beef, Flour, Bacon, Rice, or Peas, be exported, except in return for Salt, Arms, or Ammunition, actually imported into this Province.

That before any person be permitted to export any commodity whatever, he enter into Bond, with good and sufficient security, in the sum of twenty-five hundred Dollars, that he will comply with the Resolutions of the Continental Congress respecting the importation of Salt, Arms, or Ammunition, and also take the following Oath:

"You swear that you will not land the cargo shipped in the — , in any part of the world prohibited by the


General Congress, and that you will not export in said Vessel more Staves and Naval Stores than is contained in the Manifest exhibited, and that you will, to the utmost of your power, invest the proceeds of said cargo in Salt, Arms, and Ammunition, or either of them."