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Letter from the New-York Committee of Safety to the several Committees in the Colony


New-York, January 2, 1776.

Sir: We are well informed that the late General Assembly of this Colony is dissolved, and that writs are already made out for electing Representatives in the several Counties so early, as that they may meet in General Assembly at New-York, on the 14th of next month, and that they will be summoned to meet on that day. Government for some reasons has thought proper as yet to delay the publication of the dissolution of the late Assembly. We will not take upon us to assign any reasons for this secrecy — you may easily conjecture the cause. We have, thought it our indispensable duty to give you the above intelligence, that you and the friends to liberty in your County may not be taken unaware, and surprised into an election, without time to consult and prepare for it. We pray you to speak to the leading friends of liberty in your County, get some of them to meet and determine on men of zeal, spirit, and integrity, and friends to their country, to represent you in


this perilous day. When you have fixed on proper men, let no time be lost in taking every necessary care and pains to secure their election.