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Pay of Field-Officers reduced



The Committee appointed to bring in a Resolve, with respect to reducing the Pay of the Field-Officers, reported the following; which was read and accepted, and ordered to be signed by the Secretary, and transmitted to the Committee of Safety:

"In Provincial Congress, Watertown,

"April 29, 1775.

"Whereas, the reducing of the several Regiments to be raised in the Provincial service, from one thousand men in a Regiment to five hundred and ninety, makes the


service of the said Field-Officers of said Regiments less burdensome: therefore,

"Resolved, That the Pay of said Field-Officers be reduced one-fifth part from the first establishment, and that said Field-Officers' pay in said service of this Province to the last day of December next, unless dismissed before, shall be as follows, viz: A Colonel' s pay twelve Pounds per month; a Lieut˙ Colonel' s pay nine Pounds twelve Shillings per month; a Major' s pay eight Pounds per month."