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Mr. Rittenhouse


Mr˙ Rittenhouse was requested to take the Chair for the day.

Samuel Morris, Sen˙, Esq˙, appeared and took the qualification directed by the Convention.

Dr˙ Thomas Young, of Philadelphia Rifle Battalion, laid an Account before the Board for necessaries supplied by him for the said Battalion, amounting to £12 19 5, and certified by William Shippen, Jun˙, Surgeon-General and Director of the Hospital.

Ordered, That Michael Hillegas, Esq˙, be requested to pay the said Account, and charge it to Congress.

It being represented to this Board that a number of Colonel Miles' s men were sick in the Barracks, and stood in need of better accommodations and necessaries for their recovery,

Resolved, That Dr˙ Thomas Parke be directed to attend them, and have the necessary provision for their accommodation made.

Resolved, That Captain Peters be authorized to have the stage in the State-House yard fitted up for the accommodation of the Guard, and that he provide a sufficient number of Camp-Kettles for their use.

On motion, Agreed, That an order be issued to Thomas Palmer to deliver Mr˙ Robert Towers, Commissary of Stores, the seventeen Rifles, and to Mr˙ Balwin to deliver Mr˙ Towers eight Rifles, and that Mr˙ Towers deliver them to Captain John Douglass.

Agreed, That Sacheverell Wood be appointed Door-Keeper.

An order was drawn in favour of John Willis for £4, for a Rifle delivered Colonel Matlack; and that the same be charged to him.

Resolved, That Colonel Bull be empowered to procure sixty Pikes and a sufficient number of Tomahawks for the use of the Battalion, and that the arms of his Battalion be repaired at the Provincial Factory.