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Letter to be written to General Schuyler


The Resolutions of yesterday, relative to the Westchester expedition, after some time spent thereon, were recommitted to the same Committee, and to General Scott and Colonel Drake.

General George Clinton informed the Committee that General Schuyler has, by letter, informed him that he had directed the Committee of Albany to forward Timber, Boards, and Tar, for the obstruction of Hudson River. The Committee are further well informed, that Logs sufficient for that purpose are easily obtained near the place of obstruction, and, from experiments already made, at a much cheaper rate than they can be procured from Albany, and perhaps cheaper than even the transportation from thence.

Ordered, That a Letter be written to Major-General Schuyler, requesting him to countermand procuring the Logs he has ordered, but to direct the Boards and Tar to be forwarded.

Whereas Arms are necessary to be lent to the ordered into present service —

[The remainder of the Proceedings are wanting.]