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Field-Officers to the four New-York Battalions chosen


Friday, March 8, 1776.

Agreeable to the Order of the Day, the Congress proceeded to the election of Field-Officers of the four Battalions ordered to be raised in the Colony of New-York for the defence of the said Colony, and the ballots being taken, the following gentlemen were chosen:

Alexander McDougall, Esquire, Colonel, Herman Zedwitz, Esquire, Lieutenant-Colonel, Joseph Benedict, Esq˙, Major, of the First Battalion.

James Clinton, Esquire, Colonel, Henry B˙ Livingston, Esquire, Lieutenant-Colonel, Peter P˙ Schuyler, Esquire, Major, of the Second Battalion.

Frederick Weisenfels, Lieutenant-Colonel, John Fisher, Esquire, Major, of the Third Battalion.

Cornelius D˙ Wynkoop, Esquire, Colonel, Philip Cortlandt, Esquire, Lieutenant-Colonel, John Nicholson, Esq˙, Major, of the Fourth Battalion.

The Congress being informed that Mr˙ Melchior was attending, agreeable to the order of yesterday:

Ordered, That he be called in.

Mr˙ Melchior appearing, the particulars of the charge were repeated to him, and on his assuring the House of his not remembering his having behaved with the disrespect mentioned, owing to the particular circumstances he happened to be under, and asking pardon of the Congress and President for his indecent behaviour,

Ordered, That in consideration of Mr˙ Melchior' s former services, and his present concessions, he be dismissed from further attendance.

The Committee, to whom the several Letters from Major-General Lee, Major-General Schuyler, Brigadier-General Wooster, and Brigadier-General Arnold, were referred, brought in their Report, which was taken into consideration; and thereupon,

Resolved, That the Commissioners who are appointed to go to Canada be desired to inquire into the cause of the imprisonment of the Officers of Militia in that country, and others, and take such measures, in concert with the Commanding Officer of the Continental forces there, for their enlargement or confinement, as are consistent with the principles of justice, and the safety of the United Colonies.

That the provisions made by General Lee and General Schuyler to supply the Army in Canada with Pork, the direction given by General Lee to have Wheat ground into Flour for their use, and his contract with the company of carpenters, be approved; and that Mr˙ Peter Zabriskie, of Hackinsack, be employed to transport the Pork, to be procured in New-Jersey, to Hudson' s River, according to General Schuyler' s desire.

That when the articles specified in the Rations allowed to the Prisoners of War cannot be procured, the persons who supply them with other Provisions be entitled to eight Pence, New-York currency, a day, for every Prisoner.

That Indians be not employed as soldiers in the armies of the United Colonies, before the Tribes to which they belong shall, in a National Council, held in the customary manner, have consented thereunto, nor then, without express approbation of Congress.

That General Schuyler be directed to provide such a number of Batteaus for the service in Canada, as shall be sufficient for it.

That General Schuyler be desired to purchase the Cloth which Mr˙ Henry, of Albany, hath, for Tents.

That the Committee of Inspection and Observation for the City and Liberties of Philadelphia be desired to collect all the Gold and Silver Coin they can, to be exchanged for Continental Bills, for the service of Canada.

Resolved, That a Committee of three be appointed to inquire and report the best ways and means of supplying the Army in Canada with Provisions and necessaries:


The Members chosen, Mr˙ Gerry, Mr˙ Wolcott, and Mr˙ L˙ Morris.

Resolved, That an Order be drawn on the Treasurers, in favour of the Committee for making of Muskets and Bayonets, &c˙, for the sum of ten thousand Dollars, they to be accountable for the expenditure thereof.

A Letter from Colonel Hazen, of the 18th of February, enclosing an Account and estimate of the losses he has sustained, being received, was read.

Resolved, That the same be referred to Mr˙ Wythe, Mr˙ Sherman, Mr˙ Ward, and Mr˙ S˙ Adams, who are directed to examine the said Account, and report upon the several articles.

A Letter from Governour Trumbull, dated the 2d instant, and a Letter from General Lee, of the 5th, being received, were read.

The Order of the Day being renewed,

Adjourned to ten o' clock, to-morrow.