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The Mayor Requested to Demand the Immediate Release of William Becker


Die Saturnii, 9 ho˙, September 9, 1775.

The Committee met pursuant to adjournment. Present:

John Haring, Esquire, Chairman, and Commissioner for Orange County.

For NEW-YORK, James Beekman, Isaac Sears, Colonel McDougall.

For ULSTER, Isaac Roosevelt.


For SUFFOLK, Abraham Brasher.

For DUTCHESS, Gilbert Livingston.

For WESTCHESTER, William Paulding, Lewis Graham.

For KING' S, Mr˙ Polhemus, Henry Williams.

For CUMBERLAND, Major Williams.

For TRYON, Isaac Sears.

For QUEEN' S, Jonathan Lawrence.

For RICHMOND, Richard Lawrence.

It being represented to this Committee, that Mr˙ William Becker, a citizen of this City, is confined in irons, on board the Asia, Ship-of-War,

Ordered, That Messrs˙ Roosevelt and Beekman wait on his Worship the Mayor, and request him to demand the immediate discharge of the said William Becker, and to assure Captain Vandeput, that unless such discharge be immediately made, this Committee will take proper measures for resenting the indignity offered to this City, and the injury done to one of its inhabitants.

This Committee being informed that Abraham Lawrence, of Queen' s County, was taken into custody some days ago, by some of the new levies, and is now confined in Jail, thereupon an order was made out to the Commanding Officer at the Upper Barracks, to cause the said Lawrence to be brought before this Committee.

A Letter from General Washington, dated at Cambridge, August 30th, requesting Ammunition, was read and filed.