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Letter from Colonel Ewing to the Maryland Council of Safety



Baltimore, August 5, 1776.

HONOURED SIRS: I have this day delivered your order to the Committee of Observation for this County, for eighty-four guns; they have returned me for answer, that they have not as many, but expect soon to let me have that quantity. I have sent off a gentleman to Frederick Town, who is likewise to go to Shepherd' s Town, in Virginia, where I am in hopes he will be able to procure a quantity of guns and rifles. If agreeable to you, I propose making one of my


companies a Rifle company, as a Light Infantry company to the battalion. I shall be much obliged to you for an order on the Committee here for a quantity of blankets for my soldiers, which are to be embarked on Thursday or Friday next. As there is a quantity of arms arrived at Philadelphia since I had the pleasure of seeing you, and as they are indebted to you some arms, I shall be much obliged by your giving me an order on them for some guns, and allowing me to march some of my soldiers to Philadelphia without guns. You know I am very desirous of getting to station; therefore, shall esteem it a particular favour and indulgence. Upon inquiry, Mr˙ Hopkins has about four hundred hunting-shirts, which I would be glad you would allow me to take for the use of the troops, and for which they shall pay. As I purpose sending off more than two companies, I shall be obliged to you for an order for more guns when received, for camp kettles, canteens or wooden bottles, cartouch boxes and belts, bayonet scabbards and belts, with gun slings. If your Honours thought proper to give me an unlimited order for completing my battalion with such, I shall take nothing but what the Captains shall give a receipt for, and shall observe to them that they are accountable for everything.

I shall be much obliged for your answer; and am, with due respect, honoured sirs, your most obedient servant,

To the Honourable the Council of Safety of Maryland, now at Annapolis.