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Meeting of Freeholders of Princess Anne County, Virginia



At a Meeting of the Freeholders of Princess Anne County, convened on Tuesday, the 6th of December, 1774, at the house of Mr˙ Bagwell Moore, in order to elect a Committee, agreeable to the Resolve of the American Continental Congress:

The Association entered into by the Congress being publickly read, the Freeholders and other inhabitants of the County then present, with the greatest alacrity, did avow their approbation of the measures adopted by that honourable body, binding themselves, by the sacred ties of honour, virtue, and love to their country, strictly to observe and keep the same inviolable in every particular.

They then proceeded to a due election, when the following gentlemen were chosen, viz: Anthony Lawson, Esq˙, Mr˙ William Robinson, Major Christopher Wright, Captain James Kempe, Captain William Nimmo, Mr˙ Anthony Walke, Junior, Mr˙ John Hancock, Mr˙ Thomas Reynolds Walker, Captain Edward Cannon, Mr˙ William Keeling, Junior, Mr˙ Joel Cornick, Junior, Mr˙ George Jamison, Sen˙, Captain Erasmus Haynes, Captain Dennis Dawley, Captain James Henley, Captain John Ackiss, Captain Frederick Boush, Captain Jacob Hunter, Captain William Hancock, Mr˙ William Woodhouse, Mr˙ Thomas Brock, Mr˙ Cason Moore, Mr˙ Thomas Old, Senior, and Mr˙ James Tooley.

And on the 20th of said month, being the time appointed for a meeting of the above mentioned Committee, they, after balloting for a Chairman, declared Anthony Lawson, Esquire, duly elected, and chose Thomas Abbot, Clerk of the Committee.