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Letter from the Committee of Intelligence for Charlestown


A Letter from the Committee of Intelligence for Charlestown, South-Carolina, enclosing a copy of an intercepted Letter from General Gage, dated at Boston, April 12, 1775, directed to Governour Martin of North-Carolina; also a printed copy of the Association entered into by the Provincial Congress of South-Carolina, were read, filed, and are in the words following, to wit:

"Charlestown, South-Carolina, June 6, 1775.

"GENTLEMEN: We are to thank you for your intelligence of the fifth ultimo, and do most heartily congratulate you upon that proper spirit which now appears in your Colony. The apprehension of a defection in you, which we are happy to find was unjustly formed, occasioned in us, and must undoubtedly have given to all America inexpressible anxiety, and at the same time have encouraged Ministry to proceed in their measures. As a proof of the confidence which our enemies placed in you, and as a means to prevent their diabolical purpose, we are ordered by Provincial Congress, now sitting, to transmit to you an authentick copy of an original letter from General Gage to Governour Martin, which has just fallen into our hands. We have also received intelligence that the latter, by his agents, has been secretly enlisting a number of those men in the back parts of this Province, formerly called Regulators,


whose vengeance against the lower inhabitants may induce them to oppose in return for past injuries. We are not apprehensive that he will succeed to any great degree, but depend upon your vigilance to prevent his getting arms and ammunition for them through your Province, as intended. We also enclose a copy of the Association entered into on the fourth instant, by the fullest representation of this Colony ever known, which has been signed by every member. We would hint to you the necessity of sending your letters by some particular person, and not trusting them to the fate of common letters in a ship' s bag. We also beg leave to recommend to you secrecy in relation to the above letter, as we would not wish to put them upon their guard in future.

"We have the honour to be, gentlemen, your very humble servants,




"Committee of Intelligence.

"To the Grand Committee of New-York, to the care of Peter V˙ B˙ Livingston, Esq."