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Letter to General Ward


Ordered, That the Honourable Major Hawley and Mr˙ Phillips be a Committee to draw up a Resolve to be sent to General Ward, suggesting to him the expediency of drawing part of the Forces stationed at Roxbury to the Camp at Cambridge.

The said Committee reported the following Letter, which was accepted, and ordered to be sent by Mr˙ Thaxter to the Camp at Cambridge immediately:

SIR: This Congress, considering the present situation of the enemy and that of the division of our Army at Cambridge, think proper to suggest to your serious consideration, whether it is not proper and expedient that there should be an immediate draught of a Regiment or more from the Roxbury Camp to that at Cambridge. Your good sense will undoubtedly incline you to consult General Thomas before you determine absolutely on this measure; but we conceive the consideration of this matter ought not to be delayed a moment.

To the Hon˙ General Ward.

Adjourned to Wednesday morning, eight o' clock.