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London, July 18, 1775.

Yesterday se' nnight arrived at Whitehaven, the Molly, Captain Mitchinson, in twenty-six days from Norfolk, in Virginia. She was not suffered to land her cargo in Norfolk. The Committee was called and expresses sent to Alexandria, where a Congress was sitting. The Captain was seized, and with much difficulty and solicitation escaped tar and feathers. One of the merchants who resides at Norfolk, requested that the vessel might proceed with her cargo to Quebeck, which was refused; nor would the Committee suffer it to be transhipped into another vessel belonging to the company, then loading for Whitehaven; nor allow the Molly to take in the tobacco which was prepared for her, but compelled the merchant to send the cargo back in the same bottom, without diminution or addition, to be landed at Whitchaven; for the performance of which they obliged him to give a bond of three thousand Pounds.