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Deposition of Mary Robbins


The deposition of Mary Robins, wife of Josiah Robins, being sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, deposeth and saith: That on the 15th of November, 1775, in the morning of the same day, Benjamin Butler came to the house of her said husband, and inquired whether there was any person in the house except his family; her husband made answer that there was; upon which they went out, and, after some time, her husband came in and told her that he was going to a certain William Bartlet Townsend' s; that a certain Levin Townsend had been down to Norfolk, on board the man-of-war, and had brought up a quantity of ammunition, and that all those who were for the King were to go down to the said William Bartlet Townsend' s, to get their share of the ammunition; and that the said Levin Townsend had brought a paper from on board the said man-of-war, that they were to sign; and that the said Levin Townsend was to set out this day on his return to the man-of-war; and that, if there was a sufficient number of signers to the aforesaid paper, they were to have assistance immediately from the said man-of-war.

November 15, 1775.

The above Deposition taken before