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Meeting of Sugar Planters and London Merchants



At a general meeting of the Planters of His Majesty' s Sugar Colonies, residing in Great Britain, and of the Merchanis of London, trading to the said Colonies, at the London Tavern, December 6, 1775:

BEESTON LONG, Esq˙, in the Chair.

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to attend to the general interest of the West-India Planters and Merchants at this alarming crisis, and to report their proceedings to such general meetings as may be called from time to time.

Resolved, That the Committee consist of forty-three; and that the following gentlemen be named of the Committee: Beeston Long, Richard Oliver, James Phipps, Samuel Turner, George Drake, Charles Spooner, J˙ L˙ Aikenhead, Stephen Fuller, John Kennion, John Bourke, Thomas Oliver, John Pennant, Bryan Edwards, John Ellis, Joshua Steele, Richard Atkinson, Edward Morant, John Brathwaite, Alexander Campbell, Sir James Cockburn, Bart˙, John Hankey, Samuel Eastwick, Godschall Johnson, Rose Fuller, Sir Philip Gibbs, Bart˙, John Jackson, Michael McNamara, William Holder, William Bond, Thomas Walker, Henry Dawkins, Hon˙ Thomas Walpole, Richard Neave, George Walker, Thomas Boddington, Thomas Lucas, Arnold Nesbit, James Gordon, Thomas Storer, Wastel Briscoe, Philip Dehany, Chalmer Archdekne, John Trevanion, Esquires.


Resolved, That seven be a quorum to do business.

Resolved, That the said Committee be instructed to give particular attention to the Bill now depending in the House of Commons, interdicting all foreign trade with the associated Colonies, thereby confirming that agreement, of whose ruinous effects a general meeting expressed their apprehensions to both Houses of Parliament the last session, and also to certain Resolutions of the House of Commons, intending important variations in the several Acts of Parliament, which gave the produce of the British Plantations in the West-Indies a preference over the produce of the foreign.

A Petition to the House of Commons being produced by Mr˙ Eastwick; it is

Resolved, That the same be immediately referred to the consideration of the said Committee, who accordingly withdrew, and after some time reported the same with amendments.

Resolved, That the said Petition is proper to be presented to the House of Commons, and that the same be engrossed, and left for signing at the London Tavern till to-morrow at two o' clock in the afternoon.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Alderman Oliver be desired to present the said Petition, and that the several members interested in the West-India Islands, and the Representatives of London, Bristol, Liverpool, and the great commercial towns, be requested to attend and support the same.

Resolved, That the Thanks of this meeting be given to Mr˙ Eastwick for the above Petition.

JAMES ALLEN, Secretary.