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New-Jersey Committee of Safety, January 13


Saturday, January 13, 1776.

The Committee met.

The Committee having before them several Resolutions of the Continental Congress, of the second day of this instant, (January,) among which are the following paragraphs:

"And, with respect to such unworthy Americans as, regardless of their duty to their Creator, their country, and their posterity, have taken part with our oppressors, and, influenced by the hope or possession of ignominious rewards, strive to recommend themselves to the bounty of Administration, by misrepresenting and traducing the conduct and principles of the friends of American liberty, and opposing every measure formed for its preservation and security —

"Resolved, That it be recommended to the different Assemblies, Conventions, and Committees, or Councils of Safety, in the United Colonies, by the most speedy and effectual measures, to frustrate the mischievous machinations, and restrain the wicked practices of these men.

"And it is the opinion of this Congress, that they ought to be disarmed, and the more dangerous among them either kept in safe custody or bound with sufficient sureties to their good behaviour.

"And, in order that the said Assemblies, Conventions, Committees, or Councils of Safety, may be enabled, with greater ease and safety, to carry this Resolution into execution:

"Resolved, That they be authorized to call to their aid whatever Continental Troops, stationed in or near their respective Colonies, as may be conveniently spared from their more immediate duty; and the commanding officers of such troops are hereby directed to aftord the said Assemblies, Conventions, Committees, or Councils of Safety, all such assistance, in executing this Resolution, as they may require, and which, consistent with the good of the service, may be supplied."

This Committee do, therefore, most earnestly recommend to the several County and Town Committees of this Province, to be vigilant and active in carrying the above Resolution into execution; at the same time recommending the exercise of due moderation and prudence in the affair: requesting all officers of the Militia, in this Province, to aid and assist the said Committees, and to execute such orders as they, or either of them, shall receive from the Committee of the County or Township where they reside.

The Letter from Richard Smith, Esq˙, with the enclosed Resolve of the Continental Congress, were read the second time.

Ordered, That Richard Smith, Esq˙, deliver to the President, or Vice-President, the one thousand Dollars by him received from the Continental Congress, mentioned in said Resolve; and that the said President, or Vice-President, lay out the same for Fire-Arms, for the use of the Continental Troops in this Colony.

Ordered, That John Posee, Esq˙, deliver the Arms, by him purchased, to Colonel William Maxwell, or his order, for the use of the Continental Troops in this Colony.