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Leave of Absence Granted to Dr. Paul Spooner


Colonel Brasher, who is a Member of the Committee of Safety, being returned from Philadelphia, Doctor Spooner renewed his solicitation for leave to return to his County, and which he had, for several days, been encouraged to expect when another Member should arrive.

The Committee being of opinion, unanimously, that it is necessary Doctor Spooner should return to his County to carry up the Writ for an election of Representatives in General Assembly; the Commissions for the Field-Officers of the Militia; and the Letter from this Committee; and to endeavour to restore unanimity and harmony among the inhabitants, it is agreed that he have leave of absence.

And, whereas, it is inconvenient for Doctor Paul Spooner to return to the County of Cumberland, which is very distant, without a small supply of cash for that purpose, and it appears to the Committee that his return there at present may be useful, and he has solicited aid from the Treasury of the Provincial Congress, on the credit of Cumberland County, for his relief, to be repaid in such manner as the Provincial Congress of this Colony shall direct.

Ordered, That Peter Van B˙ Livingston, Esq˙, as Treasurer of the Provincial Congress of this Colony, advance to Doctor Paul Spooner, or his order, the sum of twenty Pounds, on the credit of Cumberland County, and of himself, to be repaid in such manner as the Provincial Congress of this Colony shall direct, and that a copy of this Order be a warrant to the Treasurer for that purpose.

And Ordered further, That until such payment made, Doctor Paul Spooner be, and remain indebted unto the said Peter V˙ B˙ Livingston, Esq˙, for the sum of twenty Pounds, for so much cash lent, and, at all events, to be repaid by himself, if not repaid by the County of Cumberland.

It was suggested to the Committee that a few copies of the Proceedings of the Continental Congress, first published, and, also, of their late Proceedings, would be very useful in the Committees of the respective Towns and Districts in Cumberland County.

Ordered, That John Holt furnish thirty-five copies to Doctor Spooner for that purpose.