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Letter from Colonel Connolly to Captain Lord


From confinement in Frederick, Maryland, December 16, 1775.

DEAR SIR: Just snatching the opportunity of pen and ink, of which I am generally debarred the use of, I write you by the bearer, Doctor Smith, who will inform you fully of every circumstance relative to what you were to have performed. I am now a prisoner, and the whole scheme at an end. You must, therefore, agreeable to General Gage' s order, and Lord Dunmore' s, proceed down the Mississippi, and join Lord Dunmore at Norfolk, and the Fourteenth, who are now there. Lose no time, for fear the Rebels should be upon you from Pittsburgh. All the General' s orders are as Doctor Smith will inform you.

Adieu, my compliments to all the gentlemen under your command. Things wear a shocking aspect in America.

Yours, &c˙, JOHN CONNOLLY.

To Captain N˙ Lord.

P˙ S. Draw upon General Howe for two hundred dollars, in favour of the bearer. J˙ C.