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Vessels Laden with Cod Fish


The Committee on the Petition of Ellis Gray and Richard Hinckey, &c˙, reported. The two Reports were accepted, and are as follow:

The Committee appointed to take under consideration the Petition of Messrs˙ Ellis Gray and Richard Hinckley, relative to eighty hogsheads of Jamaica Cod-Fish laden on two vessels bound to the West-Indies, the one of which would have sailed before the Resolve of this honourable Congress, forbidding the exportation of Fish, was published, had she not been, detained by the elopement of her hands, beg leave to report, that being fully convinced by the accounts given us by Mr˙ Gray and Mr˙ Hinckley, that the Fish those two gentlemen were about to export is of such a kind (being old Jamaica Fish) as, if detained, cannot possibly be of any advantage to this Colony, but must perish, this Colony being plentifully supplied with new Fish, that permission be given by this Congress to the owners of said vessels for their proceeding on their voyage, provided there is no other kind of provision on board, except what is for the ship' s use. And further, that toleration be given to all other owners of vessels for their departure, who shall convince this Congress, or a Committee thereof, that their vessels and cargoes are in the same predicament; as no possible advantage can accrue from their detention.

J˙ ORNE, per order.

The Committee appointed to examine the bearer of a certificate from Newburyport, setting forth that Jonathan Titcomb and Stephen Hooper, Esquires, of Newburyport, have shipped on board two vessels one hundred and thirty hogsheads Jamaica Fish, which is said to be old Fish, beg leave to report, that they are fully convinced the Fish above mentioned is of such a kind as is expressed in the certificate, and that the vessels who have laded it have no other provisions but a supply for the ship' s use, and as such, are of opinion that the owners of said vessels be tolerated to despatch them on their voyages, agreeable to a Resolve of this Congress just now passed, granting indulgence to the owners of vessels in such a predicament for so doing.

J˙ ORNE, per order.