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Petition of John Sawyer and Others to the Massachusetts Congress



To the Honourable Congress now sitting atWATERTOWN, the humble Petition of us the subscribers, whose names are underwritten, humbly sheweth, &c.

Whereas your petitioners have lately settled in the eastern parts, and are in great distress for want of provisions and ammunition, by reason of the lumber failing of sale, and the great drought last summer, that our crops being cut short, and being in great distress for fear of the enemy, as we have news from Cooper shewing that the Indians on the Cape are building forty Indian canoes, and it is expected that the Governour of Halifax has hired the Indians to come along shore and kill us and our families, and take our creatures, and we have nothing to defend ourselves with but our hands, as there is no powder of any value among us, (we also fear the tenders coming to get our cattle:)

Your humble petitioners therefore beg your assistance, and grant us some relief, and send us some corn and other necessaries of life, and some powder, balls, flints, and a few small arms, that we may have wherewithal to defend ourselves and fight for our lives and liberties, which we pray God to give us strength and courage, as long as we have life, in the defence of our Country, provided your Honours should order us any support.

We, your petitioners, bind ourselves to pay forthwith the interest and charges in sending, as soon as lumber will have any sale, and trading revive.

We, your petitioners, beg your serious consideration, and as in duty bound we shall ever pray.

John Sawyer,
Jacob Trussel,
James Dodge,
Samuel Watson,
Abner Dodge,
Nehemiah Allen,
John Black,
Moses Black,
Samuel Hale,
Joshua Trussel,
William Obee,
Jonathan Clay,
Ebenezer Hinkley,
Andrew Herrick,
Shadrach Watson,
William Reed,
Robert Dougherty,
Daniel Black,
John Herrick,
James Fly,
Samuel Cousons,
Samuel Herrick,
Joseph Bapson,
Stephen Gatchell,
Cornelius Morgan,
Samuel Robset,
Joshua Herrick,
Enoch Blasdel,
Moses Eaton,
Ebenezer Eaton,
Nathaniel Allen,
Benjamin York,
George Goodwin,
Ebenezer Herrick,
John Dodge,
John Carter,
James Carter.

There being in the Town in number that are able to bear arms seventy, but living at a great distance, and not having time to assemble at this time, the vessel just ready to sail, we would beg for the whole.

May 12, 1775.