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Committee to Consider the Expense and Means of Raising Money


Resolved, That this Congress will, before they rise,


provide the best ways and means in their power, as Representatives of the People, for the discharge of such money as is now lent, or shall be subscribed or otherwise advanced or supplied on the publick faith, to defray the charges that are or shall be incurred in the present exigences of the Colony, or that shall hereafter be expended or incurred by recommendation of the Continental or of this Provincial Congress.

Ordered, The last preceding Resolution be published in the publick Newspapers.

The Congress then took into consideration that part of the Report of the Committee concerning the removal of the Cannon and Stores, which relates to the estimate of the expense of removing the same, and the ways and means of raising money to defray the expense thereof.

Ordered, That Messrs˙ David Clarkson, Alexander-McDougall, Walter Livingston, Jacob Cuyler, Henry Glenn, Richard Montgomerie, Egbert Dumond, Teter Clowes, John Sloss Hobart, Paul Micheau, Isaac Low, and Gouverneur Morris, be a Committee for both those purposes; and that they make their reports on those respective matters with all convenient speed.