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Paper Currencies of Connecticut and Rhode Island to pass in Massachusetts


May 1, 1775.

Voted, That the Quarter-Master General be directed to clear that Chamber in Stoughton College, occupied by S˙ Parsons, for a Printing Office for Messrs˙ Halls.

Whereas, many of our brethren of the Colonies of Connecticut and Rhode-Island are now with us, to assist in this day of publick and general distress, in which we are all deeply concerned and, whereas, our brethren of said Colonies have brought with them some of the Paper Currencies of their respective Colonies, which have not of late had a currency with us, and for want of which our common interest may greatly suffer:

Resolved, That said Paper Currencies shall, from and after the date hereof, be paid and received within this Colony, in all payments, to all intents and purposes, in the same proportion to silver as the same are paid and received within the respective Colonies by which the same have been issued.


Resolved, That Col˙ Palmer be a Committee to inquire into the matter, to find what Colonies have such Currencies, to alter the Resolve agreeably thereto, and to present the same to the honourable Congress for their consideration.

Voted, That the Reverend Mr˙ Gordon have free access to the Prisoners detained at Worcester and elsewhere, and that all civil Magistrates and others be aiding and assisting him in examining and taking depositions of them and others.