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Proclamation by Governour Gage



By the Governour. — A Proclamation

For the encouragement of Piety and Virtue, and for preventing and punishing of Vice, Profanity, and Immorality.

In humble imitation of the laudable example of our most gracious Sovereign, George the Third, who, in the first year of his reign, was pleased to issue his Royal Proclamation for the encouragement of Piety and Virtue, and for preventing of Vice and Immorality, in which he declares his Royal purpose to punish all persons guilty thereof, and upon all occasions to bestow marks of his Royal favour on persons distinguished for their Piety and Virtue, I therefore, by and with the advice of his Majesty' s Council, publish this Proclamation, exhorting all his Majesty' s subjects to avoid all Hypocrisy, Sedition, Licentiousness, and all other immoralities, and to have a grateful sense of all God' s mercies, making the divine laws the rule of their conduct.

I therefore command all Judges, Justices, Sheriffs, and other officers, to use their utmost endeavours to enforce the laws for promoting Religion and Virtue, and restraining all Vice and Sedition; and I earnestly recommend to all Ministers of the Gospel, that they be vigilant and active in inculcating a due submission to the laws of God and man; and I exhort all the people of this Province, by every means in their power, to contribute what they can towards a general reformation of manners, restitution of peace and good order, and a proper subjection to the laws, as they expect the blessing of Heaven.

And I do therefore declare that in the disposal of the offices of honour and trust, within this Province, the supporters of true Religion and good Government, shall be considered as the fittest objects of such appointments.

And I hereby require the Justices of Assize and Justices of the Peace in this Province, to give strict charge to the Grand Jurors for the prosecution of offenders against the laws; and that, in their several Courts, they cause this Proclamation to be publickly read, immediately before the charge is given.

Given at the Council Chamber in Salem, the 21st day


of July, 1774, in the fourteenth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c.


By his Excellency' s command,


GOD save the King.