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Anne Arundel County (Maryland) Committee



A meeting of the Committee of Observation for Anne Arundel County and City of Annapolis was requested by Captain Charles Henzell, on Wednesday, the twenty-eighth day of June, 1775.

Present; Charles Carroll, of Carrollton, Matthias Hammond, John Bullen, Chas˙ Wallace, John Davidson, Wm˙ Wilkins, Allen Quynn, John Brice, and Doctor Richard Tootell.

Mr˙ CHARLES CARROLL in the Chair.

Captain Henzell having informed the Committee of his arrival from London with goods on board the Adventure, which was cleared, as appears by the cocket, for Maryland, he being duly sworn, deposed that the following goods, and no other, were shipped on board said vessel, to wit: two hundred dozen Porter, one hundred Pipe-Staves in packs, two thousand weight of Cheese, and forty-two chaldrons of Coal, Winchester measure, which was to be disposed of at the Island of Madeira, but through contrary winds he was prevented from landing them there: and this deponent also saith that he brought in with him about seventy persons, consisting of passengers and servants.

It appearing to the Committee, from letters produced by Captain Henzell, and by his and Joseph Eastman' s depositions, that the Cheese, Porter, Pipe-Staves, and Newcastle coal, were to be sold at Madeira, and the proceeds thereof to be laid out in the purchase of Madeira Wine, he being empowered to draw bills on London for so much as said Wine should exceed the value of the above mentioned articles; and it also appearing to the Committee that Captain Henzell intended to bring to Maryland the cargo of Wine aforesaid: being interrogated whether he intended to sell the said Wine in America, he declared on oath that he did not, but proposed to carry the Wine to the London market, and report the same here to the Custom-House. Being asked whether he did not know, or had been informed that the aforesaid Wine was subject to a duty, imposed by


Act of Parliament, and that consequently the importation thereof was contrary to the Continental Association, he answered that he did not know, nor had he been informed that any duty was to be paid on the Wine thus imported, and intended to be exported in the same bottom to London.

It appearing to the Committee that the above enumerated articles of goods were shipped contrary to the Continental Association,

Resolved unanimously, That the said goods cannot be landed, but be sent back forthwith,

The question being put, whether Capt˙ Henzell should be permitted to land his Servants? Resolved in the affirmative. Captain Henzell, together with Mr˙ James Hutchings, Jun˙, to whom the Servants were consigned, then engaged and pledged their honour to the Committee that the goods should be sent back forthwith.

Signed per order of the Committee:

G˙ DUVALL, Clerk.