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General Orders


For the satisfaction of all concerned, the General directs the following Resolution of the Legislature of this Colony to be inserted in General Orders, viz.:

"In House of Representatives, Watertown, July 29, 1775.

"Whereas, sundry complaints have been made by some of the Soldiers raised by this Colony, that they have not received the allowance pay of forty Shillings, agreeable to the Resolution of the Provincial Congress: Therefore,

"Resolved, That a Committee be appointed forthwith to apply to the Colonels of the several Regiments raised by the Colony, and to the Mustermasters and Paymasters in the Camp at Cambridge and Roxbury, and obtain of them a complete list of the Non-commissioned Officers and Soldiers in their respective Regiments, distinguishing those that have been mustered and paid from those that have not, that such methods may be pursued as shall remove all just ground of complaint. Read, and

"Ordered, That Colonel Cushing and Mr˙ Webster, with such as the honourable Board shall join, be a Committee for the purpose above-mentioned.

"Sent up for concurrence.

"JAMES WARREN, Speaker."

"In Council, read and concurred, and Colonel Lincoln is joined.

"ALBT˙ P˙ MORTON, Secretary."

The Officers commanding Massachusetts Regiments will pay all due attention to the foregoing Resolution.