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Arrival of Prizes at Portsmouth and Falmouth


Portsmouth, October 22, 1776.

Saturday last, was sent into this port a prize brig, bound to Bilboa, with two thousand quintals of fish, taken by a Salem privateer.

Monday, the 14th instant, arrived at Falmouth, Casco Bay, a large ship from Jamaica, bound to London, laden with five hundred hogsheads of sugar, and fifty hogsheads of rum, taken by the privateer Retaliation, from Beverley, Giles commander. The ship mounted six carriage-guns, and fought the privateer two hours before she struck.

Tuesday last, arrived at Falmouth, Casco Bay, a large brig, the Mary and James, commanded by Thomas More. She was from Falmouth in England, bound to Naples, laden with bales and boxes of goods, cocoa, pepper, alum, tin, lead, &c˙, taken by Captain Simon Forrester, in the privateer sloop Rover, from Salem.