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Letter from Colonel Bedel to the New-Hampshire Committee of Safety



Orford, March 8, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: I have mustered my men, but do not hear of Captain Osgood' s. Part of three companies are marched, and the recruiting officers, with what money was advanced them, cannot well make out unless they can be provided with some on account. I have also been at a great expense on account of the Indians, who have been very sick; two of them are dead, and sent to Dartmouth College to be buried, and the rest marched off yesterday in good spirits. If you could advance me three hundred pounds, I believe it might be sufficient to help the officers, and the expense of the Indians, which runs high, and not yet paid; also, am obliged to purchase medicines, which are very dear; also, horses to carry the same, and baggage, which takes off money very fast. I shall proceed to Quebeck as fast as possibly I can send off my men. The proposal made by you to the Indians, in regard to making them a present, was forgot; if it could be sent should be glad. I shall be waiting the return of the express at Orford, where I shall march from; should be glad it might be directed for me there. You will also receive the opinion of Colonel Morey at this time, in regard to the advancement desired. Gentlemen, I am gratefully obliged to you for all former favours, and shall study to merit the continuance of them, all in my power.

I am, gentlemen; with the utmost regard and esteem, your most obedient, humble servant,


To the Honourable Meshech Weare, Esq.

P˙ S˙ There must also be purchased one hundred firelocks at the least, otherwise the men cannot go.